Got this for a pretty good price, and the rest with a 25% discount! Who said local hobby shops were overpriced... ;D
As for the Zeta, now that I have gold leaf, I can continue!  I just don't think titanium gold is enough for some parts.

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy, and haven't progressed much :/ 
Still painting that Zeta! 1/144 scale really needs steady hands...
 Started painting, just the interior for now, had to take the legs apart... now the Zeta looks like it's been through some battle or something. 

I'm going to start with painting inner parts with gun metal/metallic gray/copper to give it more of an "inner parts" feeling (although I'm probably not gonna see it).
Finally done snapfitting!  Although I'm gonna have to take it apart again for painting...  such is the life.

The only thing I have to say is about the waverider... it's kinda finicky and hard to stay on the back. 
I'm pretty bad at posing it :/, and I'm still learning how proper color-correction.
Enjoy for now!
I actually kinda cheated here and used the spare hands my GP01 wasn't using.
After several days, and lots of sanding, I've finally completed constructing the body of the Zeta. I actually don't find it as flimsy as most people say (although that might change once I build the waverider). The only complaint? I have is how empty the Zeta seems, physically on the inside. That does make sense seeing how it's supposed to transform and it's head is supposed to fit inside... At least Bandai has gotten much better at designing trees and Gunpla, the nubs are strategically placed so that they can't be seen with minimum effort, and the parts are less prone to falling off.

All in all can't wait to start painting this thing!

I lift
Sorry about the lack of updates, I'm still here! And my Zeta has yet to be completed... I've been messing around with my new phone for these last few days... and I accidentally cut a part of my thumb off (don't worry, a band-aid solved it all) with my hobby knife. As you can see I've added on the front and back "plates?" too the torso. I have a feeling I'm going to be painting the verniers as red doesn't seem realistic at all.
Seventh day of building the Zeta, progress has been made! A lot of progress... Not much to say, currently watching episode 11 of Gundam Zeta, Bright's back!